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I’d gone into uber-Kat mode this weekend; Roxy and I took a long hike, I did a yoga class, I’d danced like crazy, and then Sara and I hopped on our bikes for a long ride out to West Marin.

That’s when something went wrong. My legs got all freaky on me.

“Ow, my legs are cramping up,” I said as I pedaled fast to catch up with Sara.

“Let’s stop so you can stretch them.”

So we did, and after resting, splitting a Luna bar and ogling some awfully — or wonderfully — fit and attractive cyclists as they sped by, we got back on our bikes.

Two minutes later, and my legs were a mess.

“I’ve never had a pain like this before,” I moaned. “What if it’s something serious?”

“Maybe you have MS or something.”

“What the hell, Sara?!”

“OK, OK. I was just being stupid. You probably just pushed yourself. You’re not that young anymore, you know.”

That was supposed to make me feel better?

Not that I’m obsessive or anything, but for the rest of the painful ride home, I thought, what if?

What if I had MS?

What if I was no longer able to do the things I love?

What would I do?

Would I still have the strong will to live and thrive? Or, would I feel trapped in a body and a world that didn’t understand me?

On the plus side, there’s lots I love to do. Much of it is cerebral; I’m a daydreamer, a yapper and a reader. But, what I love the most is moving my body in big ways — hiking, biking, dancing, walking, swimming, kayaking — and small ways — cooking, gardening, goofing around on guitar — and perhaps the best way: sex.